Roasted Jumbo Chana Jor

Roasted Jumbo Chana Jor


Introducing Roasted JUMBO Chana Jor! A new healthy snack for your snacking desires! This is a "king size" version of our regular Chana Jor... because why not? Live life king size!


These are perfectly roasted to provide a crunchy texture with a taste sooo irrestible, you'll finish the entire bowl! You've been warned, our JUMBO Chana Jor is highly addictive!


But then here at Trendy Taste, we only do 'Guilt Free' snacks as these are packed with numerous health benefits. Chana's are a rich source of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber. Oh and, did we mention these are Roasted, not fried?!

  • Best Before & Storage:

    Consume me within a few days of opening to maintain freshness. Once opened, transfer me to an airtight container.

  • Allergy Information

    This product may contain nuts

  • Weight: