Diet Soya Sev

Diet Soya Sev


Sev (crunchy noodles) as we know is a delightful "namkeen" we snack on... But did you know sev is usually Deep-fried in lots of oil for its crunchy texture and has excessive salt and preservatives? This can be particularly harmful for health!


Trendy Taste proudly brings you Diet Soya Sev, another one of our sev products completely Roasted and free from excessive oil, sugar and salt! Soya as we know is packed full of goodies like Proteins, Vitamins, Calcium and also Magnesium and it is this very ingredient we present to you in the form of [healthy] Sev!

  • Best Before & Storage:

    Consume me within a few days of opening to maintain freshness. Once opened, transfer me to an airtight container.


  • Allergy Information:

    This product may contain nuts

  • Weight: