Diet Nachni Chivda

Diet Nachni Chivda


If you're a fan of Chevda's for your snacking needs then you're going to love this! Trendy Taste presents you with Diet Nachni Chivda (Chevda with an 'e' if you're gujarati!).


Why "Diet" you ask? Traditional forms of Chivda's are nothing but fried and normally contain excessive amounts of Oil, Salt, Sugar and Preservatives. 

Instead, our version is Roasted and free from all those and instead contains Sea Salt which of course has inumerable health benefits on its own. Then comes the Nachni (also known as Finger Millet / Ragi). Nachni is known to reduce cholesterol levels, control diabetes, help weight-loss and digestion and lots more! It is also packed with proteins and amino acids ... all while retaining its form as a snack that is of course healthy and tasty! 

Try this, you'll love it!

  • Best Before & Storage:

    Consume me within a few days of opening to maintain freshness. Once opened, transfer me to an airtight container.

  • Allergy Information:

    This product may contain nuts

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