About Us

Welcome to Trendy Taste!


For years, we’ve been binging on unhealthy snacks that are high in oil, salt and sugar whether it’d be in the morning for breakfast, or in the afternoon to accompany with our tea. Or perhaps even somewhere in the middle for the busy workaholics! This is where our search began to find healthier alternatives. Sadly, they were either not as tasty as we’re used to, or they were unnecessarily expensive! 


Introducing Trendy Taste, your new go-to brand for all your snacking desires!

We wanted to bring something unique to the market that was not only very tasty, but more importantly, also just as healthy! All our snacks are made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients like grains, pulses, cereals, nuts, and seeds just to name a few! There's NO extra stuff like colouring or preservatives. Just simple, delicious snacks for people who don't want to compromise between taste and health!


We hope you enjoy our selection of guilt-free snacks and experience a world of difference!

Eat Healthy, Stay Trendy!